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AI Agents That Get Things Done


AI Agents(or Workers) That Get Things Done

GPTConsole offers specialized AI agents that handle practical tasks. They don't just provide information—they work on tasks for longer durations

About GPTConsole

At GPTConsole, we are building a platform to create, share, and monetize AI agents. We handle the complexities of AI agent development, such as event chaining, lifecycle management, and memory handling, through our SDK, API, and data infrastructure tools, allowing developers to focus purely on setting agent objectives. Our in-house agents include Pixie, which generates complex, full-scale applications rather than code snippets or simple HTML layouts; Chip, which reads your GitHub repository and provides code for your Jira tickets; and Doodle, which generates animated doodles, not just static images. If you're interested in building your own agents, join our  waitlist!


What We Offer

GPTConsole offers a range of AI agents to help developers generate production-ready apps, build features for existing applications and generate doodles

gptconsole ai agent pixie demo


Pixie is an autonomous AI agent that can build web applications. Currently, it builds Dashboards, AI-Applications, and Landing Pages for any business case

gptconsole ai agent chip demo


An AI agent that learns your entire codebase and answers your questions. It also reviews pull requests and answers any questions on pull requests.

gpt-console> pixie start "I want AI application that generates images"

Built for Developers, by Developers

GPTConsole is designed for developers, by developers. Besides web access, it provides a CLI tool for accessing agents directly from the command line. Install it as an npm package using `yarn global add gpt-console` or `npm i gpt-console`, then simply run `gpt-console` to get started.

Trusted by Developers and Businesses

GPTConsole is trusted by more than 5000 developers around the world to generate production-ready apps quickly and efficiently.

Pricing Options

GPTConsole offers a range of pricing options to suit every budget and need.

Free 100 Credits on Sign-Up

Flexi-Plan: $1 for 10 Credits, Top-Up Anytime(No Lock-In)



Get ready to generate production-ready apps faster and more efficiently with GPTConsole.

San Ramon, CA 94583


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Interested in creating your own agents with the GPTConsole?  Join our waitlist!

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